Thursday, July 10, 2014

Life saved by a pair of C cups?

Yesterday, we learnt of Wendy’s and her breast cancer trauma in one of the UK's most read papers. Thankfully, she had seen Coppafeel’s campaign in The Sun. You know, that newspaper who put a half naked woman on the front cover back in March to sex cancer up a bit. Talk about tumours being a turn-off, eh?

“Because of page 3”, Wendy’s life was saved. We see this lovely mum in a photo shoot surrounded by four page 3 models, gently arching their backs to show off their assets alongside their guest. I wonder if this shoot still would have happened if Wendy lost both her breasts on her journey to recovery?

Yep, since 1970, page 3 has encouraged us women to be proud of our breasts. I love to see those aspirational, perky C cup tits representing my gender in the newspaper. The model is always the largest female image in the whole publication. I wonder what this says about the editor, David Dinsmore, and his opinion on women’s achievements and representation?

Page 3 model Lacey, 22, says “Knowing we helped Wendy makes me so proud.” I’m pleased and relieved for Wendy, I really am. But like the wonderfully natural breasts of a loving mother of 4, I can’t help feeling that the headline is a little stretched. “Page 3 saved my life”, it reads. Whilst, Wendy’s direct quote reads, “I never used to check my breasts but after reading The Sun’s self-check guide on Page 3, I felt my boobs”. Aaaah, so it’s Coppafeel’s content that saved Wendy’s life? Not the beautiful, perky models on the same page”? Now it all makes sense. How I love sensationalism to keep me entertained in the face of Cancer! I was worried it was all getting a bit dull.

Sure, The Sun has a wide reach, and perhaps it was a wise decision for Coppafeel to partner with them. But I can’t help feeling a little disappointed that they think the best way to reach out to women, is through partnering with a medium that sexualize the breasts that cancer threatens to take away. Teaming up with Page 3 almost feels like we were being told ‘You’re liked for your boobs, better not lose them”.

Ladies, let’s make sure we’re looking after our breasts and visit the Coppafeel site directly, and not through The Sun. Let us also remember that our breasts (those dangly things women have to feed our young – remember what they’re actually for, David Dinsmore?) should be checked regularly, so that we don’t need to be reminded by a patronising, outdated and misogynistic newspaper.

All of my best wishes go to Wendy and to anyone who is going through a similar experience. Should you like guidance in checking your breasts, I recommend going straight here. If you agree that Page 3 is less than a positive thing for society, you can check out the No More Page 3 campaign, and the thoughts of some celebrity supporters on the campaign's Youtube channel.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Search for your Heroine with Girls On Film Club!

Our new film group - Girls On Film Club will be traveling to the BFI, Southbank to celebrate the start of the Birds Eye View Film Festival on International Women’s Day and watch a very special screening of Kristy Guevara-Flanagan's SXSW hit Wonder Woman! The Untold Story of American Superheroines. 

Open to everyone, this is a public event. Lads, Lasses, lovers and all inbetween!

The screening is at BFI Southbank Saturday 8 March at 6.30pm, ticket info below.

Exploring the origins and legacy of the amazing WW, this superdoc features comic book aficionados alongside real-life superheroines fighting for positive role models – with contributions from actress Lynda Carter, activist Gloria Stienem, Buffy writer Jane Espenson, Riot Grrrl Kathleen Hanna and more.

Tickets and more info on the day’s events here:

BEV will also be launching their full April 2014 Festival line-up of fabulous films and events, and previewing one of their favourite short films from the programme. Plus! A chance to see top emerging talent at a special pre-screening BFI Future Shorts event from 4pm.

Wonder Woman! The Untold Story of American Superheroines.
Dir. Kristy Guevara-Flanagan Country USA, Year 2012 , 79 min

** Make a day of it! A ticket to BFI Future Shorts Screening also provides entry to Wonder Women!. Single entry tickets to the 18.20 screening are also available.


Facebook link to event:

February Meeting - Do Ray Me So La Da Tee

February Meeting - Tuesday 25th February 2014 - Do Ray Me So La Da Tee

Cover Photo

If you thought vibrato was something you find in your bottom draw then perhaps this meeting will set you right…
From harmonies to fun warm ups, 3 experienced singers, and Shoreditch Sisters Members, Tina, Mia and Roshi, will be teaching us how to improve our vocal skills with fun exercises and useful tips that we can do around the home or in the car.
Lyrics will be provided to some well known pop tracks (to be revealed nearer the time!) and we will sing together, hopefully!! :)...
Hairbrushes optional.
7PM -late comers will not be able to be admitted, last entry 7.15pm
Non-members: £4 on the door
Members: Free!

It's renewal time! Please bring £34.70 cash/cheque to renew your membership for 2014.
If you're new and want to join the WI you can join at this meeting or our February meeting. Membership is £34.70 for the year, please bring cash or cheque with you to the meeting. Find out more about benefits of being a WI member:

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

January Meeting!

Our first meet of 2014 is announced! 
Tuesday 28th January 2014, 
at Bethnal Green Working Men's Club, Pollard Row, 
East London yeah! :p

**If you're interested in memberships please read more below...***

It’s that time of year when we’re bombarded with messages telling us to ‘lose weight’, ‘get fit’, ‘feel bad about your body so we can sell you our products’! The cash comes rolling in for the beauty and diet industries while we’re left stuck in the cycle of guilt, shame and body hatred. 

This month we’ll be joined by Any-Body who will be telling us how to ditch those diets and get body confident! Any Body is part of the Endangered Bodies Campaign, which is an international initiative started by psychotherapist and author Susie Orbach. Any Body is a group of women and men from psychotherapy, media, fashion, law, art, research and academia. They are committed to encouraging a change in cultural attitudes towards bodies, food and eating so that women and children of the next generation can learn to be happy in and look after their bodies. Any Body challenge the distorted and tyrannical grip that the fashion and diet industry have on the health of our minds as well as our bodies.

There will also be the opportunity for members to let us know what the campaign priorities for the Shoreditch Sisters should be for the year. Get thinking about what you’re most passionate about. Would you like us to focus on the No More Page 3 campaign? Rights for refugee women? Visual media and body image?

Non-members: £4 on the door
Members: Free!

It's renewal time! Please bring £34.70 cash/cheque to renew your membership for 2014.

If you're new and want to join the WI you can join at this meeting or our February meeting. Membership is £34.70 for the year, please bring cash or cheque with you to the meeting. Find out more about benefits of being a WI member:

Sunday, January 19, 2014

*New* Girls On Film Club!

Shoreditch Sisters WI and Birds Eye View are excited to present 

Girls On Film Club!

Open to all!

The debut event (and subsequent ones), are being held at the amazing New York apartment style space at The Hoxton Hotel, EC2A. 

We are hosting a special screening of Haifaa Al Mansour's beautiful film in partnership with Birds Eye View Film Festival. Come and join us for an evening of wine, pop-corn and conversation. The screening will be followed by a special discussion with an industry expert. 
- Bring your slippers, cushion or cosy blanket, it's going to be a good un!

Tickets are £10, and you can buy them here on eventbrite:

Any questions, please email Martha at

Wadjda’s parents won’t buy her a bicycle, so she determines to raise the money herself. And with her mother distracted by her husband’s plans for a second wife, she has a chance. The first ever feature from Saudi Arabia, this inspiring and gently subversive film won the Satyajit Ray Foundation Award for 2013.

Dir Haifaa Al Mansour, Saudi Arabia / Germany, 2012, 93 min